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SunX Solar Pool Heating is the next generation pool heating system from Heliocol that offers advanced performance in windier climates.


SunX solar panels are manufactured using the same patented overmolding process perfected by Heliocol. This results in solid, seamproof construction that resists cracks, leaks and welds.


As an additional step in the manufacturing process, each individual tube is inserted into channels of durable, clear glazing. This glazing protects the tubes from cold and wind, creating an intense greenhouse effect that generates more heat during colder months...when you want it the most.


Or consider a traditional Heliocol solar pool heating system, the world's best selling solar pool heating panel.



SunX Solar Pool Heating Panel
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Download SunX Solar Pool Heating Brochure

SunX Solar Pool Heating

Download SunX Solar Pool Heating Brochure

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